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Did you know that the NYCDOE is exploring rezoning for seven elementary schools (PS 676, PS 15, PS 32, PS 58, Ps 29, PS 38 and PS 261) in District 15 with potential changes to who has priority to attend each school? Are you interested in learning more about equity and schooling experiences in our area and making recommendations about the rezoning?

The Rezoning District 15 PAR Collective is conducting a participatory action research project in our neighborhoods to build a deeper understanding of what equitable elementary schooling could look like in our communities. The findings from our collective research will shape the Department of Education’s rezoning plan. This is a project conducted by community members, with community members, for the purpose of excellent and equitable education for all our children.

This project will seek to build a complex understanding, based on community expertise, of:

  • What does equity mean and what does it look like for different members of different school communities?
  • What do families value when it comes to their children’s elementary education?
  • What schools and schooling experiences do families desire?
  • What are current perceptions and desires with regard to the different existing elementary school options?
  • What supports do families desire within schools once their children are enrolled?

The participatory process will center families impacted by the rezoning and particularly families from underrepresented communities.

If you’d like to get involved and/or learn more about the process email:

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